Negotiating Project Terms for Designers | Jessica Hische

I've never worked with Jessica Hische. In fact, I've never even met her ( so this is not an #ad ).

I will get to meet and learn from her in Utah at Letter West later this year though, which I am infinetly psyched about.

If you don't know who she is, think back to the charming, swirling, ( seen mostly in a toasted yellow ), script-style type in the opening credits of Moonrise Kingdom. Or you may have heard of her passion project The Daily Dropcap that she started in 2009 where she illustrated and posted one letter daily, and will continue to do until she's illustrated each letter in the alphabet TWELVE times.

Jessica has written one of the most valuable ( and funniest ) "email helper" guides to assist designers in negotiating incoming project terms that I've ever come across, and it is pure gold.

She's worked with clients such as Adobe, The Atlantic, Barack Obama (!), The Criterion Collection, Facebook, Penguin Books, and Wes Anderson ( just to name a few ), so she is more than qualified to write on this topic, in my ( and I'd say most designers' ) opinion.